Coastal Management Information System (CMIS)

Coastal Management information system (CMIS) is a web based GIS portal developed for the assimilation of coastal data of Karnataka and will be part of  Coastal Infrastructure Management Unit(CIMU). Apart from providing necessary coastal related information, this portal will also provide tools for the stakeholders to perform query and analysis of coastal data.

The information system is planned to be developed over the project period and will build up key information to support shoreline planning and management. CMIS will  acquire, process, store, update spatial data from different sources and distribute to potential stakeholders through the web portal.

Such system is not only useful for planning and management of the coast but also help in disaster management and emergency operations during the period of cyclones/ storms. CMIS is essentially a facility that enables a wide variety of users to access and retrieve reliable integrated data related to coastal zones for effective management of the coast. The Geographical Information System (GIS) is integrated into the system and GIS displaying capabilities (e.g., thematic maps) are used to display the geographical component of the data. Apart from GIS data base, the environmental, coastal process, climate, demographic, economic and other spatial and temporal data available under the SCPMIP need to be made available through the system. Therefore, CMIS integrates all repositories into an inter operable system accessed via the Web to the end user/ stakeholders.


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