SCPMIP-K addresses the erosion that occurs along large stretches of the Karnataka 320 km shoreline. Sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions are being sought to replace the dumping of rocks and construction of rock walls along the coast that was accepted practice for decades.

The SCPMIP-K is an eight year programme that started in early 2012 and runs in its first phase until mid-2015. The programme is financed through an ADB loan and during its first phase consists of four components:

1. Construction 1st Tranche sub-projects

2. Set-up of CIMU and SMOs

3. Shoreline Management Planning

4. Identification and preparation of Tranche 2 proposals

Ullal Sub-Project

The 1st Tranche sub-projects in Ullal consist of the rehabilitation of the two breakwaters, the construction of two off-shore reefs, the construction of four in-shore berms and two sand nourishment events.

Inshore Berms – In February 2013 the contract for the construction of the four in-shore berms was signed. Before the monsoon of 2014 berms will be constructed. The materials used are geotextile mega-bags, an innovative approach.

Breakwaters – PMDC-K finalized the design report of the rehabilitation of the breakwaters. The structure will become more robust and adapted to future sea level rise. The southern breakwater will become slightly shorter to allow an increase of sand moving towards the Ullal frontage. Construction is expected to commence late 2013.

Off-Shore Reefs – CWPRS is doing the design of the off-shore reefs, including flume tests in its laboratory. Construction is expected to commence late 2013.