Sustainable Coastal Protection & Managment Investment Program

(SCPMIP), Karnataka

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Karnataka is one of the nine maritime states in India that stretches across 320 kilometers in the districts of Dakshina Kannada (62 km), Udupi (98 km) and Uttara Kannada (160 km). The entire coast is endowed with three distinct agro-climatic zones i.e. coastal flatlands in the west, undulating hills and valleys in the middle, and high hills in the east. The coastal flat land has numerous estuaries, bays, creeks, cliff, spit sand dunes and long beaches, nurturing rich bio-diversity. The three coastal districts, between them have eight coastal talukas with 22 urban settlements and 1,044 villages. The average population density is 253 persons/km 2 (337 in Dakshina Kannada, 290 in Udupi and 132 in Uttara Kannada). Agriculture sector predominates, engaging about 60% of the population. Fishing is another major economic activity, providing direct employment to about one lakh people and indirect employment to double that quantum. Domestic tourism is also on the increasing trend. The rapid urbanization, coastal structures and unregulated expansion of aqua culture in the recent years have negatively impacted the coastal environment.

Shri B.S Yeddyurappa
Hon’ble Chief Minister
Govt. of Karnataka

Shri. Kota Srinivas Poojary
Hon’ble Minister for Muzarai, Fisheries ,
Ports & Inland Water Transport
Govt. of Karnataka

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